Unity 4.3 Project creating errors in Unity 4.2

Hey, this is the first time I have ever posted a question and hopefully I’m posting it at the right place.

My team have been working on a group project and one of out teammates has recently updated his Unity to 4.3, but since our lab computers did not upgrade yet, when we take our project into the lab computers which are Unity 4.2, 999+ errors of the same type came up. And since Unity Project are not capable of being downgrade we couldn’t get rid of the errors

ERROR: typeTree.m_Children.front ().m_Type != SerializeTraits::GetTypeString (NULL)

alt text

Unity 4.3 was just released awhile ago, so I can’t find any resources in figuring out this issue. Hopefully someone knows how to solve this. I thought Unity 4.3 should be backwards compatible ? :frowning:

p.s our game actually manage to compile perfectly fine even with all these errors, its just starting to be a bit annoying to see a bunch of red marks in the console.

Please Help!

Well if you want you can transfer back to older unity :slight_smile: I just had the same question. Check it here:

I got the same errors. Seems that something inside the serialization in Unity 4.3 has been changed. If you need to downgrade your 4.3 project and you want to avoid those errors you need to delete all prefabs (and i’m not sure maybe scenes) and all .meta files from assets folder…
I hope someone has a better solution.

Here is something that worked from the other answer:

Goto your project settings/Editor/Asset Serialisation and change it to either force text or force binary. This will force Unity to re-serialise all your asset files. So potentially it could get rid of any Unity 4.3 serialisation data.

I got this error message too! Took about a week to figure out what was/is POTENTIALLY wrong with my project (not my scripts).

The first problem is the error message. It’s not helpful. It’s misleading.

I would like to suggest a project loader or a better one that has log of what is happening during project loading. I think that if this error showed up in a log while the project is just loading it would have saved me a lot of grief for a small project. I mean it does show up in the status bar when the project is loaded but the message is too isolated to be helpful.

Also, if this is a Unity version issue, maybe assets might have a tag with their last known good version compatibility and the log would display this too.

Any better error message would be greatly appreciated.