Unity 4.3 Shuriken Particles attached to Sprite

How do I add more than 1 shuriken particle system to a sprite game object (to create an effect)? If I attempt to add more I receive an error from the inspector.
I want to add several particle systems to create an effect like when nesting them to parents when not attached as a component to other game objects.
Thank you

In general, Unity is set up so that each type of component goes on a gameObject once. If you want more of a component, make another gameObject with it and make that gameObject a child of the other one. To find the other component, use the standard “finding a child” method.

If you have several “equal” components, have the parent not have one at all, and then have each child gameObject have one of them. That can make coding easier (for example, a single foreach can handle them all.) You are allowed to have them all nested – grandchildren and so on. But there isn’t much reason. Easier to have all be direct children of the main parent.

As to why, if a single gameObject had two renderers, or particleSystems, then g.renderer wouldn’t know which one you were talking about. Plus, say you want two particleSystems aimed in a little different direction. If both are components on the same gameObject, you can’t do that.

Of course, if this is something specific to particle systems (subParticles,) or Sprites (not sure what that trick would be,) the answer may be different.