Unity 4.5-4.6 Mecanim changes. Parent animator affects child.

Hi everyone! I’m developing an iOS game and i had to make an embed animator, i mean that i have my MainTransform (MT) with an animator component. This MT has a child with it’s own animator component (controllers for these animators are different). I don’t know how but in 4.3.4 everything was working fine but now (when i’ve upgraded to 4.6) the parent animator affects child’s transform. Generally it’s copying all of the parameters to the parent Transform component so transform.position, transform rotation and scale have the same parameters in both parent and child. Is it a bug or a known issue or do i have to tune something new?

It seems i have solved my problem by setting animator avatar. My main transform and child had the same avatar, so i’ve set Null to the main transform animator avatar and it worked like a chant.
Looks like one animator was overriding another one with the same avatar or something like that.