Unity 4.5 crashes iMAC (Maverick) while trying to open a script

Any script and every time:

Run Unity > Project > Scripts > Any script > Crash > Force Quit > Repeat

It doesn’t matter if you skip a step and go straight to a script or if you click Scripts and then select the folder itself. If I knew how to tell what was causing the issue or where it was exporting the bug info I’d gladly go gather it for you.

So, try these:

  1. Press Alt when opening Unity. This starts the project wizard. Create a new project. Does Unity crash when you create a script in this new project?
  2. Go to Spotlight (the magnifying glass, top right) and type Console. This will find the console application which records application errors. It might help you find things that Unity is doing.
  3. Read the docs. This page tells you where the Editor.log file is stored.