Unity 4.5 Mac OSX Won't Compile Scripts

Hi all, I am a Unity pro subscriber, I also have iOS and Android pro.

Whenever I start Unity (fresh install) on my brand new iMac (OSX 10.9.3) to work on an existing project, Unity hangs on “Compiling Scripts…” and has to be force quit.

Hanging on compiling scripts

Then when launching Unity with the alt key held I can start a new project. But whenever I create a script, c# or .js, the import spinner in the bottom right spins forever and I am unable to press play and test it. Then if I save and close Unity, then reopen, I am back to it hanging on “Compiling Scripts…” and it has to be force quit again.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Unity several times, I have wiped every mention of Unity I can see off this Mac, cleared the PRAM and reinstalled and I still cannot get around this issue.

I was running Unity fine on my older Mac Mini before, I cannot understand what is causing this issue!

Here is a screenshot of the logs output:


Also - When I return my Unity licence and quit, if I reopen Unity my Pro licence is still intact as if I had never returned it.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but if I open manage licences and click “Activate new licence” I get a “Moving file failed” error (see below). If I navigate to “/Library/Application Support/” on my Mac there is no “/Unity/” folder let alone a “Unity_v4.x.ulf” file - should there be??

alt text

Any help would be really greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

EDIT - I have submitted a bug report. I wonder if this a new bug with v4.5?

EDIT 2 - Still getting this issue, Unity completely unusable on my Mac. Should I do a factory reset of my entire Mac??

EDIT 3 - Can anyone shed any light on this? I’ve exhausted all other methods and I can’t see a support phone number for Unity anywhere - I am a paying customer!!

Unity sometimes has problems opening a project if the Library folder is out of date (doesn’t match what it’s expecting with the Assets folder).

We often see this in our projects after a major Unity update or if there are lots of files being removed/changed after updating from our version control (i.e., changes were made by one person on the team, committed into version control, and another person updates to get the changes).

Since we have meta files turned on, we can just delete the Library folder and let Unity recreate the folder. NOTE: If you don’t have meta files turned on and you delete the Library folder, you may lose references to assets in your prefabs/assets (e.g., Missing Monobehaviour, etc).

Ok I fixed it

I wiped my Mac HDD and reinstalled Mac OS X and now it seems to be working properly.

I think the reason for it not working in the first place could be that I used the Mac Migration tool to move all my old data & software from my old Mac Mini to the new Mac, causing even reinstalls of Unity to brake.

I guess this was an unknown bug!

You can do workaround method by running it with root privileged.

cd /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/MacOS
sudo -b ./Unity


Note that, your problem is not fixed yet. You just change to use root environment, which is different from user environment (where is failed to compile the scripts)

Holy shit. I fixed the problem. It was related to permissions afterall.

So, I rechecked permissions on all folders in on my MacHD, ensured my account had read+write permissions, ensured that the changes were being applied to ALL enclosed items in the folder structure, and FINALLY unity is working again :smiley:

Thanks to prophecy_x for the all-important clue.