Unity 4.5 why have I lost touch input on Android?

After exporting for the first time on device using 4.5 all my game objects no longer react to touch input. I use Playmaker and also Diakon Forge. My 2D diakon forge touch inputs work fine but it’s just my 3d objects which use collision meshes and the on Mouse down functions which don’t seem to do anything anymore.

Anyone seeing the same issues?

PS.Everything works fine with mouse control in the editor.

See 4.5 release notes:

Touches will not generate mouse clicks, when simulateMouseWithTouches=false.

Make sure the value of Input.simulateMouseWithTouches is what you expect.

I upgraded to 4.5 and this happened to me on my iPad… I tried to put Input.simulateMouseWithTouches = true; on Start() in a new script that I attached to Main Camera. Please help because it still doesn’t work :frowning: