Unity 4.6.1 GUI Animator?

Hi, I have been following this video, and at this point, i have everything setup like he does, and i am sure he actually has the same problem but is not mentioning it.

at that point he has it set up so that his GUI animates when you click on it, it works for him, and it works for me too.

My problem is that it does not play the OnClick animation the entire way through for me, UNLESS I HOLD THE MOUSE BUTTON DOWN! I see no evidence that his is “not” doing the same problematic thing… he seems to hold his mouse over his button in the tutorial.

Is there any way to allow the animation to finish before leaving “Pressed” state and reverting to “Highlighted” animation?

I have always used Animation Component, so this Animator Component workflow is quite new to me.

Reading between the lines a bit as I didnt watch all that tutorial & typing on a phone (which normally goes so well) but you could create a function that’s called via the buttons OnClick event that sets an anim bool parameter to true and a float to Time.time + animationLength.

In the Update of that script check if Time.time > that float and set the anim bool back to false If it is.

Only allow the other animations to play if the bool is false and their trigger is true.