[Unity 4.6.1] Weird bug between 2 Colliders


I have 2 GameObjects:

  • Player: Character Controller + Box Collider [isTrigger:TRUE] (box is oversized)
  • Object: RigidBody [isKinematic:TRUE] + Box Collider [isTrigger:TRUE]

If Player gets near Object, “OnTriggerStay/OnTriggerEnter” don’t fire.
While staying in the same place, if i enable/disable isKinematic or gravity from Object, “OnTriggerStay/OnTriggerEnter” get fired/start working.

“OnTriggerStay/OnTriggerEnter” are set on Player.

¿What is causing this?

I’m using Unity 4.6.1f1

It’s my sincere advice not to check isKinematic because checking it means that this gameobject will not be affected by any other gameobject . Due to this your collider doesn’t work initially but works in the second case.