(Unity 4.6) Button animations

In my current game we are using the Animation Transitions for all of our buttons. Normal is just the Target sprite, Highlighted is activating the Outline effect, Pressed is a SpriteSwap, and Disabled just darkens the button. In my main menu when I press one of the buttons to transition to that sub menu, and then press the back button to go back to the main menu hovering over the button for the last menu will display the Highlighted animation and the Pressed animation just like it would when I press a button as normal. Also sometimes when I transition back to the main menu the button for the last sub menu that I selected will sometimes be locked in a Highlighted state. Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

I am a programmer and designer, so don’t hesitate to offer suggestions that might seem radical to someone who only does one or the other.

What I ended up doing was setting up each and every animation on the buttons so that each time they are called, they explicitly change the parameters that I alter in any other animation to be exactly what I want them to be. It was a bit time consuming, because I had to edit all of the buttons individually so that the text didn’t look strangely bright on a button that is disabled and therefore darker than the non-disabled ones next to them.