Unity 4.6 CanvasScaler: access "Match Width or Height" ratio from UnityScript?

What goes in the blank? I can’t find any docs on this value:

GameObject.Find("Canvas").GetComponent(UI.CanvasScaler).________ = 0;

(I’m using this to make the UI match height on some display shapes, but width on others. JavaScript/UnityScript.)

Docs for CanvasScaler.ScreenMatchMode.MatchWidthOrHeight mention “Scale the canvas area with the width as reference, the height as reference, or something in between,” but how do I control the “something” value (a slider called “Match” in the Inspector) via code?


Why don’t you use Expand or Shrink instead(sounds like you want that)? Anyway:

    yourCanvasScaler.uiScaleMode = CanvasScaler.ScaleMode.ScaleWithScreenSize;//if not set through Inspector
    yourCanvasScaler.screenMatchMode = CanvasScaler.ScreenMatchMode.MatchWidthOrHeight;//if not set through Inspector
    yourCanvasScaler.matchWidthOrHeight = your float from 0 to 1