Unity 4.6 Game lags on only on the first touch, after it is fine?

I have a mobile game that uses touch input, however I haven’ t coded any touch code yet. There is a noticeable frame-rate drop or lag for first time you touch the screen. It doesn’t matter where you touch. After that first touch, every subsequent touch is smooth as butter. What gives?

I am developing on Android Galaxy S4. Here are the first profiler stats after I touched the screen. These Two profiler stats are from TWO SEPARATE instances of the game.

The problem is not on EventSystem, this occurs when you have a Text GameObject that loads a font for the first time, so probabily after you press the button you create or have a GameObject that has a Text component. The lag is due that it has to load the font into memory for the first time. Check Incl. Font Data for the Font in the Fonts folder.