Unity 4.6 Mask Component on Android doesn't work properly.

I have created a scroll rect, and put a mask and a image in it, here is the structure:

parentObject(scroll rect, empty image, mask)

-contentList(only a recttransform)




it works correctly on PC, but on my android device, It shows correctly in the beginning, but when I move the content, the contents sometimes become invisible, sometimes become half visible, with only some pixels, and some strange fuzzies.

And I removed the mask component, on android everything shows correctly without mask.

what’s wrong? is it because of my android device? I’m using HTC One M8.

Does anyone knows how to make this work in the new Unity5. Looks like masks aren’t working for android

I found the answer thanks to comworm over at Unity Forums:

Change this:
Project setting → Player → Android → Use 24-bit Depth Buffer should be ‘Checked’.

Then quit/restart Unity and your mask will be working.

I’ll answer my own question,

It seems to be working with new Unity 5.0.2, device HTC One M8.

Please check once whether there is an active camera in your scene which renders this Layer. For me i had forgotten to have a main camera in the scene and this caused mask component to behave exactly like you said.