unity 4.6 removing transition delay for sprites

Hey all

I was hoping someone could help me with my current problem, I am going through the Rogue like 2D tutorial with Unity 4.6 and I have reached the point were I am making transitions from idle to chopping for my character. It says there is a transition delay option within the transitions from one state to another but I cant seem to find this, is this because I am using 4.6? and if so is there any way I can remove the delay from my character changing these states as when I press chop there is a delay.

  1. select the transition in the animator window 1974918--128020--upload_2015-2-22_8-10-12.png
  2. enable inspector debug mode 1974918--128022--upload_2015-2-22_8-11-4.png
  3. set transition duration to 0 (offset too maybe)

ok thanks for your response, they both appear to be set to 0 but I am still getting this delay when attack is pressed. Its like its waiting for my idle animation to finish before it plays the new one. Any ideas why this might be happening? and again thanks for your reply.

Nm this post its my own fault, I had a timer set on it.