Unity 4.6 UI Canvas WorldSpace UI elements drawn under gameObjects

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is a noob question but I wasn’t able to find the answer anywhere after hours of researching :frowning: If it was evident please point me to the correct resource.

I’m making myself the following interface:


The big light gray panel is just that, a 3D panel, nothing fancy. The buttons and inputForm are as you have guessed UI elements sitting on a Canvas using World Space Render Mode. So far so good in the preview it looks fine.

When I play the game however:


How can I make the UI elements be drawn like all the other objects in 3D space and not appear on top of everything?

All suggestions welcome.

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A friend of mine found a workaround by having two separate cameras, one rendering the Ui and one the rest of the world, then having the UI one bee drawn first and then the other one be drawn on top. This worked really well for my needs.