Unity 4.6 UI questions

  1. Supports Unity @2x for Retina? That means if I have image test.png and test@2x.png, Unity automatically use @2x images on Retina display?

  2. Is possible change editor resolution I want without resizing? Like 480x320

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. As long as I know there is no support added for this. They haven’t discussed anything about any support of this kind, at least I haven’t came across any. For mobiles all you have is that the UI supports touch events.

  2. Could you clarify? I’m not quite getting it. From what I’m getting it, you can always choose the resolution from Aspect ratio dropdown on Game window.

I’m not sure about retina support.

But to set a resolution you can click the drop down menu in the top-left of the Game view and choose a resolution. You can also add your own custom ones with the ‘+’ button at the bottom of this drop down.