Unity 4.6Beta Mach-O Linker Errors

I’m running Unity 4.6 beta and xcode 6, when I go to build my project with the architecture set to “standard(arm7, arm64)” as apple now requires for iOS8, I get a tonne of Mach-O Linker errors… any help would be greatly appreciated!

I see your problem. I did the same a while back and it got extremely frustrating. What you could do is try updating Unity to the very latest version and try it again. Maybe the problem could be some plugins that you’re using that do not allow 64bit support (the arm64 architecture). Unity has a blog post where they mention that the plugins you use for developing your games for iOS 8 from February 1st have to be built to support 64bit. You can read this article here - Apple iOS 64-bit support in Unity | Unity Blog. Prime 31 have their plugins all updated but they are a bit costly.
I hope that will help.
Let me know how you get on,

I had the same problem.
I made a video to show you how to fix it.