Unity 4 bvh files?

Hi All,

I really like the new mecanim thing in Unity 4. I know the “old” Unity 3.5.x didn’t support importing bvh file directly. Can I import bvh animation to Unity 4 now? or only fbx files?

Thank u in advance

You can import BVH files into Max and export them as FBX.
Works fine for me that way.

Since you’re using Blender, this is how

First import into Blender:
Blender > File > Import > Motion Capture (BVH)

Then Export into Unity:
Blender > File > Export > FBX (.fbx)

I’ve just released a tool that enables you to import .bvh files during runtime.

Check out BvhImporterExporter here: BvhImporterExporter (for Unity 3D) by Winterdust

I’m really new to Blender and Unity but I think that you can just save your .blend file directly to the assets folder of your Unity4 project and go from there.

I apologize if I’m incorrect but my model came in nicely.