Unity 4 corrupted files aka My Script stopped working

I edited my question because i saw a lot of Users having a similar issue and i want to have this question as a temporary guide how to solve it if you have the same problem.


  • Script works in Editor but not in Build
  • Script is either not responsive at all or acts weird
  • When making a development it says something about corrupted files


  1. Find the script which is corrupted and as a result doesn’t work properly in the Build
  2. Create a new Script
  3. Copy the code from the old (corrupted) Script in the new one
  4. Remove the old script and use the new one instead

Hey Unity developers.

When I make a build of my FPS Player and try it I get weird problems in my game and In the developer console it says that sharedassets1.assets is corrupted and I should delete it and relaunch Unity.

I’m using Unity 4 and the problem started after I downloaded it and first launched a build.

How can I resolve this problem?


There is probably a way to fix this (most likely downloading an illegal version of then asset file, which I don’t recommend doing), but I would reinstall Unity 4 if I were you, just in case there are other errors. I mean, it takes what, ten minutes? Just an opinion, but it sound like you had a corrupted unity installation. I would also recommend re-downloading the .exe, too. Not that you really needed my help for this, (and not that I’m very helpful :)) but there’s no other answers yet, so…