Unity 4 Editor doesn't respond to touch or pen...

I recently acquired a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. It’s a great device, and I’ve found it useful for developing websites on the go; I have Eclipse, MySQL Server and Tomcat installed and running on it. :slight_smile:

My big problem is Unity 4. When I start the editor, NOTHING responds to touch or stylus input. Nothing!
I can’t make the scene play, the play button doesn’t respond.
Likewise, the menus won’t work. I can’t minimize, maximize or close Unity, either.

The only way to make Unity 4 work in this condition is to plug a mouse into the tablet. Then, it works as expected and without fail.

My question has multiple heads.

  1. Is it possible to make Windows 8 emulate a mouse based on touch or stylus input?
  2. Does the Unity team plan on making the editor respond to multitouch or stylus input?
  3. Likewise, I’ve read that Unity doesn’t support Windows multitouch (In either the editor or games created with it). Any idea why?

For anyone else that runs into this problem, first install the lastest wacom feel drivers. Then inside the setting disable Microsoft Ink. VOILA! You can now interface with Unity3D normally.