Unity 4: GUI.Button does not work anymore?

Hey guys!
I’m trying out the new Unity 4.0 and have a big problem with GUI.Button. This method worked well in Version 3.5 but no buttons appear if I try this in Unity 4.0.
I created a new empty GameObject and wrote the script below. After saving the script I attached it to the GameObject.

	float buttonX; 
	float buttonY;
	float buttonWidth;
	float buttonHeight;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		buttonX = Screen.width * 0.05f;
		buttonY = Screen.width * 0.05f;
		buttonWidth = Screen.width * 0.1f;
		buttonHeight = Screen.width * 0.1f;
	//Draw GUI
	void onGUI(){
		GUI.Button (new Rect(buttonX, buttonY, buttonWidth, buttonHeight), "Start");

Maybe I am wrong but I think this should work. Am I doing it wrong or is it something new in Unity 4.0?

Thanks a lot!


Use void OnGUI()
instead of void onGUI()
and it’ll work.