Unity 4 - Sphere Falls through Terrain

Can someone please help me with this problem? I have been through multiple forums, and haven’t got a correct answer yet…

I have a terrain and a sphere which has rigid body and a spherecollider, my Terrain also has a Terrain Collider, but whenever I test out my game, the sphere ALWAYS falls through the terrain.
I have tried everything, I have set the sphere up to considerable height, I have unchecked “is trigger” on both the colliders, and I have even tried to use a mesh collider, but nothing seems to work…

It would be really helpful is someone could help me out with this problem, so I could finally get on with my game!!


  1. Mesh Collider Cannot Collide with Terrain Collider or Mesh Collider Unless you checked CONVEX
  2. Maybe your Sphere Collider Offset is somewhere else, not in the Mesh.

Sorry Bad English, cause i’m from LT

Thanks for you help guys, but I solved it!!!
All I did was delete all the files and make a new scene, and somehow it worked fine!