Unity 5.1.2 Raycast cannot passthrough transparent UI

Dear All,

I have two Canvas, A and B, B is a Frame which on top of A and A is a Talent Map.
B is an Image and its center is transparent (yeah it is a frame).
A is on a scrollrect so player can scroll A (passthrough B)

It works before 5.1.2, I ugrade today, and it doesn’t work anymore.

I have tried to hide B at runtime and then I can scroll again, so it means the raycast cannot pass through transparent UI now???

I cannot use ignore Raycast to workaround as I have some Button on B

Is it a bug or intended ( I don’t think so…)

Thanks guys!

Well I have a very quick workaround which can solved this problem.

In addition to use one canvas group with block Raycast set to false on B, I have also added many canvas group which “ignore parent group” and set block raycast to true.

But this is quite stupid, hope somebody can give a hand on it soon.