Unity 5.1 never stops checking for license


I upgrade to Unity 5.1f1 and it worked in the first place. But now when I decided to do some work I just got this message:
“Checking license. Unity is checking your license authorization - stay tuned!”. It has been like this for 30 minutes now. What causes this? Is there any official word from Unity? (Checked Unity’s site and Twitter)

Here’s some questions that might get asked that I can answer now:

  • I do not use a VPN
  • I do have
    Internet access (or else I wouldn’t
    be able to type this)
  • I have tried to restart Unity
  • I have not installed any special software (like Unity pro crack. I would never even think about this!)
  • I have tried to reinstall Unity.

The manual activation solution may work (for some), but the permanent and much quicker fix is to delete the ULF file in the ProgramData folder.

I just had the same. I solved it by disconnecting from the internet when the “Checking license”-screen hangs. It will cancel trying to license automatically and offer you to start the manual licensing process. I followed this guide and now I can use Unity: Manage your license | Unity Hub | 3.0 (2nd chapter).

Right Click>Run as Administrator seemed to work.

Give that a try.

I have similar issue with Unity 5.4.3 - 64Bit. After major update for Windows 10 (build 10586 - you can check your windows version by run dxdiag), my Unity get this license error. Nothing like delete license, load license locally using license generated from web, and run as administrator works. The weird thing is, using 5.4.3 - 32Bit works. Here what i do:

  1. Uninstall Unity 5.4.3 - 64Bit.
  2. Download Unity 32 Bit. Don’t use the unity installer, it will download the 64Bit build. Download it from the archive by click the dropdown and choose Unity 32Bit. You will get UnitySetup32-5.3.4f1.exe file.
  3. Install Unity 32Bit, Start unity, Login if prompted, Choose license. At this point, you can use Unity.
  4. Restart Windows and run Unity to check if the license working. The weird thing is, when I restarted Unity 5.4.3 - 64Bit, the working license got error. It seem the license not loaded to the memory. So, after install Unity 5.4.3 - 32Bit, please restart to check if the license is works.
  5. After the license worked in 32Bit, if you prefer the 64Bit build, you can uninstall the 32Bit and install the 64Bit build. Don’t delete the unity license in ProgramData, the 64Bit Build will use it!
  6. After installing the 64Bit build, In my system, the Unity is work without displaying those nasty license error.


I think the error is the 64Bit build generated error license file and failed to load it since the 32 Bit build generate it correctly.

This maybe not working in your windows 10 system, since I do extra step like updating the VGA driver and remove adware using Adwcleaner. So I don’t guaranteed it working in your system.

+1 Just happened to me as well. Was licensed Unity Pro on 5.0, working fine. Upgraded to 5.1.1f1, hangs on “Checking License”.

Tried offline activation process, upon loading signed license .ulf file, Unity told me the machine was a mismatch and to reactivate. Upon reactivating, hung at checking license… ARGH.

Finally, quitting out of this then relaunching after manual activation finally seemed to work.

Not the most fun upgrade… yikes.


I had similar issue when updating my version of Unity5 pro, I do not think this is something that should be happening, and I hope this will not happen again when updating to future version. Anyway the manual activation fixed the problem. Thank you for your help.


This shit annoys me… I have seen situations where people end up buying a product and then downloading it from torrent, because the torrent “product” works better! I hope this does not happen to Unity… What a shame when the illegal “product” is better than the legal.

I have this problem as well… sucks

Unity 5.2.2.f1 Is irrretrievably stuck on Updating License. I tried disconnecting from internet, but I never get the manual activation option ;( Any other ideas?

[EDIT] Just activated by itself. Not sure what I changed. Don’t mind me.

None of those instructions worked for me! I just installed 5.2.2.f1
I looked for my licenses in my unity account and “activated” a “pro account” with a previous personal license key (a free account)!

I hope someone finds this information useful…I installed Unity 5.2.1f1 (64 bit) on my Windows Vista Home 64 bit machine and on my Windows 8 laptop. The Win Vista installation did not present any licensing screen hang ups but the Windows 8 installation did. I fixed it using the manual license option just like everyone else.

This is still a bug that occurs if unity is trying to activate while the ULF file in ProgramData still exists, deleting the file will fix the problem and allow unity to activate correctly.

No idea why the devs haven’t fixed this major bug yet…

I had the same on my personal edition. Starting it as an administrator (so giving it more rights) might have helped.

I had the same issue, resolved after adjusting my local time.

If your local time is not correct, Unity may not be able to validate your licence.

5 days im trying to load this **** app, and nothing, just giving the error "Could not find digest XML element in license file. ", but it there o checked.

I think i will choose another engine for work, cause if company can make log-in correctly then i don think that they capable to do any work good.