Unity 5.1 Oculus support broken for Mac?

I’m on Mac OS X Yosemite. I downloaded Untiy 5.1 and noticed:

  1. The new ‘Virtual Reality Supported’ option under player settings, which at least for me does nothing. Doesn’t mater if I set the Rift as the primary or secondary display: hitting play in the editor just displays my regular single camera.
  2. The Oculus SDK (which is as far as I know is the last one Oculus put out for Mac) no longer works with Unity 5.1.
  3. There’s no Oculus SDK 0.6x for Mac.

So is support for Mac gone for now, unless I keep using Unity 5 (pre 5.1) and the Oculus SDK 0.5?

i just got it working. i don’t think the integrated vr support will work. but i got the oculus 5.01 (last one updated for mac) sdk working with unity 5.1 and the unity package that comes with the 0.6 sdk.

Where did you get the 0.6 SDK? All I can find is the

I got the “virtual reality supported” checkbox to work as far as launching the camera into Oculus view when I shift to game mode, but I can’t get the warning screen to go away and I can’t quit out without force quitting Unity.

OVR has basically decided not to support Mac at this time. It’s still early in VR, they’ll likely get around to it later.