Unity 5.2.1 not responding after hitting Play

Unity stops working every time I hit “play”. When I hit it, the loading symbol that comes up on a Mac appears, but it never goes away, and it says that Unity is not responding. I then have to Force Quit Unity in order to load the same project or another one.

So I just got this exact same issue today running on macOS El Capitan and Unity 5.3.5f1. I tried different work around, I commented all my scripts by using /* */ on the entire script but no luck, I even tried deleting Unity’s “com.unity3d.UnityEditor5.x.plist” actually I had three UnityEditor plists and I deleted them all, again, no luck, so I decided to delete object by object and hit play until BAM! one of the objects was causing the issue because I created a new folder and moved all the object’s sprites to this new folder. I have a public sprite variable in the script so I can drag the sprite in it, so when I tried to select the sprite by clicking the little circle at the right of the variable name in the inspector Unity got stuck again, so what I did is I went to the folder containing the project then the folder for those assets (sprites), I deleted them, ran again Unity and tried the project with no issue, so I imported the sprites again, reassigned them to the script and problem solved! Hope this helps and was not to confusing.

Your commented script must be source of error. There are many possibilites on that line of code like stack overflow caused by infinite recurssive call,etc.

Mostly, i found this issue caused by stack overflow at my code…

Hope this help you at the future.