Unity 5.2 Oculus Rift display is blank ?

I am trying to get my Oculus Rift DK2 to display a Unity 5.2 game I’m developing… but no success

I can see the game playing on my computer monitor and the head tracking is operating… but there’s nothing being displayed on the Oculus display, I get a blue light on the Oclus camera and an orange light on the Oculus HMD.

I am under the impression that currently the Oculus Rift has problems with Unity 5.2 … Is this correct ?
I am also understating that there is a problem with Direct X 11… yes ?

Is there a work around … has anyone managed to get the Oculus operating ??

We are a small studio in Sydney. After so many problems with Unity and Rift we decided we are not going to work with Rift anymore. We just don’t have time and resource to deal with so many bugs. We found Rift and Unity is not ready for each other yet. Life is too short to deal with so many problems and bugs trying to make Rift and Unity work together.

You are on a Mac? Use Unity3D 5.1, it works there and has the integration into Unity.

See http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/1070751/unity-52-on-mac-os-oculus-rift-screen-just-blank-w.html