Unity 5.2 Visual studio javascript question?

I’ve just installed Unity 5.2 and thought I’d go along with installing Visual Studio as I had seen it will be supported with Unity now. Does it have support for writing Javascript? The intellisense? Autocomplete? (I’m not sure if those are the correct term) don’t seem to be working as I’m used to in MonoDevelop.

I don’t mind using something new, but if worse comes to the worst can I default back to MonoDevelop?

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Visual Studio has great built-in support for JavaScript.

The thing is, Unity does not use JavaScript. It uses a language they for reasons unknown to man has chosen to also name JavaScript, even though the resemblance is only skin deep. The community has dubbed this language UnityScript because the JavaScript name for something that isn’t JavaScript is just bad form to be honest. It only exists in the context of Unity, and is C# with a dress on.

Try to feed Visual Studio a UnityScript file, and it will look at the .js file ending and go “this is JavaScript! I know that!”, and immideately tell you that there’s an error on every single line. So if you want to use UnityScript, you’ll have to stick to MonoDevelop.

It used to support Unityscript, since 1.9 version of Unity Visual Studio tools, that support is removed.

You can default it back to MonoDevelop under the Edit>Preferences>External Tools in the Unity Editor if you want that. This is just a theory, but it might be that only Unity 5.2 Pro has the visual basic support pre-built inn.