Unity 5.3.1f1 Objects destroying on apk build but not in the editor

I am setting up a project, and the first thing I’m doing is setting up Animators and animations for the prefab gameobjects. In editor the animations are playing and i can interact with them fine. Once i built out apk to test on my Android device, Every object destroys once an animation is called.

I’ve checked and adjusted all the camera settings and have moved the camera all around to make sure it wasn’t an issue with the camera. This is a really strange issue I’m having and can’t find anything similar to this issue.

What I will do is start another project in 5.3 and see if I have the same issue, and if the problem persists, I will try on to a lower version of Unity.

Any advice or ideas will be welcome.

Without code I cant tell much. But I had strange issue with android too on this latest version of Unity. I fixed it by downloading UnityDownloader from website and select only to install Android Module. Downloader will download and reinstall Android build moule. Try it, maybe it will help.