Unity 5.3.3p1 with ovr_sdk_mobile_1.0.0.1 not working for Samsung Gear VR development

Hello Guys,

I am very new to Gear VR with unity. Started my work today. I will give you the details of what I have done.

  1. I have created a new project in Unity 5.3.3p1
  2. Imported \OVR_Mobile_Sdk_1.0.0.1\VrSamples\Unity\SDKExamples*SDKExamples.unitypackage* from my local folder
    where i downloaded the file
  3. Replaced the project settings folder with the ProjectSettings folder from the Oculus Mobile SDK directory
  4. Imported the Workshop.unitypackage file from the GearVR_Workshop demo files directory

After just importing I am getting the following error in Unity editor console window.

error CS1029: #error: ‘Oculus Utilities require Unity 4.6.’

I have no clue what can be done. Please help me and guide me to solve the problem.


Here’s the solution!