Unity 5.3.4f1 Tree problem

You can see the problem on the screen. I just created new project, added terrain, imported Tree package and placed one Broadleaf Desktop tree.
Didn’t have such an issue on earlier version of Unity5.

How can I fix it?

fixed it. you are using the wrong tree model. that s a board tree made out of 2d components. I changed the tree with another prebuild one and it works fine.

I ran into this problem as well and found that the problem lies in the Broadleaf_Desktop_LOD0 asset. To fix this asset, I opened up the ‘Broadleaf_Desktop_LOD0’ model in the inspector, selected the ‘FacingLeaves_4’ shader and change the ‘Geometry Type’ to Leaf. Now the leaves seem to show correctly without needing to fall back to the Mobile asset.

Edit: It turns out this is for all ‘LOD’ assets. Repeating the exact same step for ‘LOD1’ and ‘LOD2’ assets fixes the graphical issues.

Corrected broadleaf shown in the Inspector