Unity 5.3 broke materiel

After i updated to unity 5.3, a material was brokem

How can i fix this??

You go into Create like you would a Game or 3D whatever object, and select the part called Material and rename it, after of course trashing that broken one from your files.

Then you drag the new material over the part of the character or object and it applies to the part that is missing the material.

Be careful though because if you place it just over the object as a single item if it has things like clothing material etc, you will be applying the material to the whole character instead of just that one part.

But there is also another problem, I am still waiting for an answer. It involves them screwing up tiling. Here is one where there is no tiling adjustment.


This is what happens if I try to tile in smaller for more detail.


I haven’t been given a valid answer as to when it will be fixed.