[Unity 5.3] - Graphics Glitch in Built game.

So after i re-installed Unity 5.3, after it went completely insane and started to throw errors of its own Editor, i started to have very interesting graphics glitch when changing quality from settings.

So as we can see, textures goes nuts. That green box used to be logo of the game.

At image above, it seems that it even doesnt load textures when Quality gets changed?
And occasionally when i change the quality, the Green Box “logo” turns to completely different texture, such as lens flare texture. I havent made ANY changes to Main Menu, this just started to happen.
This same problem happens in three different PC’s, i tested it with my friends.
Notable thing is, that this doesnt happen in Editor.

Figured this out. If anyone else stumbles to this, just reset Quality Settings back to normal and if changing the settings don’t touch Texture Quality part. I have to keep my textures blazing full on even low now for it to work and avoid this mess.