Unity 5.3 is a disgrace

I have a simple iOS / Android game developed in Unity 4 that has been working perfectly for years.

I have avoided Unity 5 for as long as possible (don’t need any of the new features), but am now forced to upgrade to 5.3 in order to output to the latest Xcode. The upgrade process has resulted in so many obscure errors (not in my scripts) that I don’t understand and have no way of fixing and so find myself up a dead-end street through no fault of my own.

Am I forced to waste time cutting and pasting each error into this forum in the hope that someone can help me understand and fix them? I have seen many Unity 5 posts from frustrated developers without answers. No doubt I will be criticised by some Unity guru for being so harsh.

Wish I’d used Unreal Engine.

Thank you Unity. Sometimes developers just get too clever for their own good.

well, you should always expect strange error when upgrading

some stuff become deprecated while other will vanish or completly change for new and better stuff.

ONGUI , animator, shaders, everything about sprite and etc…

upgrading from 4.0 to 5.3 is huge.
We had some issues at work to with some very obscure shader error and other stuff.

An other xemple of stuff that changed.
before you had to create a Random object, instanciate it and etc…
now it is just a static class and from any class you can directly do Random.Next() or any other function Random have

I have had huge problems with 5.3. I went back to 5.2.2 which was stable and worked well. Did you try that version?

No I haven’t tried that. Having read about so many people having problems I kinda lost faith in Unity 5 altogether. I will give that a go. Thanks.