Unity 5.3 Monodevelop JS Not Checking for Errors or Auto-Completing/Suggesting (C# fine)

Hey! So I just upgraded from 5.2 to 5.3, and monodevelop has a problem - when writing in JS, it no longer suggests completions, and it no longer catches errors.

Here are the facts:

  1. Worked fine in 5.2
  2. C# works fine
  3. Restarted computer multiple times
  4. Reinstalled Unity twice, deleting Library preferences each time
  5. Tried deleting all userprefs/sln/unityproj files
  6. Rolled back to 5.2 and it works fine now. but i really would like 5.3 stuff.
  7. Monodevelop 5.9


We do recommend everyone to make the switch over to C#.
Lukasz has also responded in the comments of the Monodevelop Roadmap blog post that there is no active development going on for improving UnityScript support in MonoDevelop.