Unity 5.3 - PlistDocument removed ?

The PlistDocument class seems to have been removed in Unity 5.3,
and old documentation links associated with it are now 404.
eg: Unity - Scripting API: PlistDocument .

This is a bummer, as it was a truly useful part of our custom build script.

I don’t see any mention of this change in the 5.3 release notes, or any release notes going back to the last version I know PlistDocument is in, which is 5.1.2.

Can somebody else confirm this ?

i guess one could download the source code, here: https://bitbucket.org/Unity-Technologies/xcodeapi/src

edit: turns out all you need is the one file PlistParser.cs from in there.
but the comment about changing the namespace is valid.


  1. from the above repository, pull out PlistParser.cs
  2. change the namespace at the top of PlistParser.cs from UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode to My_UnityEditor_iOS_Xcode.
  3. in your old code which used the PlistParser, make the same namespace change to the using statement.