Unity 5.4 build for Android error: IOException: Win32 IO returned ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE.

IOException: Win32 IO returned ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE. Path: C:\Users***\Quest1[Unknown]

i try to move project location to C:\ and build again, it solved problem for now.

i found that solution from here

Please, can someone help us? I have an important update to make to my application.
EDIT: Fixed by deleting an asset/plugin I installed…
Not really a solution because I need that plugin

This is what shows up (right after the build process) in the inspector for me, and no files are being created.

Already tried: Reinstalled Unity 5.4.1.p4, reinstalled sdk, jdk, started unity as admin, removed write permission for all files. still no luck, other teammembers using same source and same unity version can build without problems tho.

This helped me to solve this issue.
Move project to root of disc c:\ and then build to disk d:\ .

FIX: Update the JDK to Java SE Development Kit to 8u162 (Go into preferences and set the JDK location to the newest version).

If you are having latest version of JDK installed and you still are not able to build then you should shift your project file to C and also create a new keystore file.This worked for me!

I found the solution. The problem was in the Google services plugin. Go to your Assets>Plugins>Android. There will be a lot of android.blabla and com.google.blabla files. Delete all google services aar files which contain the word “support”. Then build the apk and everything should work.

Die you try reinstalling the x64(!!!) version of the jdk (jdk1.8.0_112)? This solved the Problem for me.