Unity 5.4 - Instantiated Objects Invisible

As the title states, objects I’m instantiating during runtime are quite simply not visible. Now, don’t get me wrong - they exist! They just don’t appear on screen.

They appear in the hierarchy, have all the properties they’re supposed to have, you see where I’m going. Yet somehow, they’re invisible.
The situation upon instantiation through a script:

When I do it by simply dragging the object into the scene from the asset folder:
alt text

If anyone has any suggestions at all they’d be greatly appreciated. None of my scripts touch any render-related sides of these prefabs, so I really don’t know what could be causing this. (Keep in mind, layers or stuff like that aren’t the issue - it only bugs on instantiation!)

Edit: This issue occurs both in scene and game view, by the way - it’s not linked to some broken camera settings or alike.

I cannot Answer You CLEARLY due to the lack of attached Scripts but my guess is that you must have Instantiated It wrong
To Instantiate an Object Use this

public var IObject;
//C-Sharp (Might contain errors)
public Object IObject;

If error continues :

Check If The Object Is In current scene
Check to see the Instantiated Object’s transforms


Provide a copy of your scripts by editing the question