Unity 5.4 SSRR Not Working

I recently downloaded the unity 5.4 beta version 5.4.0b10. I made a new project to set up a simple scene to try out the new “Screen Space Reflections”. But for some reason it does not work. I don’t have any idea what the problem is so I decided to seach the web for some answers but I couldn’t find anything.

Here is some info:

Screen Space Reflections script applied to the main camera: https://i.gyazo.com/12c488123166d6132dfa7aa360f52dd7.png

The result: https://i.gyazo.com/03694e712ed046f666434eb5ea751f60.png

The cube and the plane are both static objects.

The plane has a very reflective surface with reflections turned on.

If you want any more info just write a commment.

Sorry for bad English.

Static has nothing to do with this, it will only be affected by the smoothness value in the Standard Materials.

You also need to enable deferred lightning (instead of default forward) in playersettings :slight_smile: