Unity 5.5.1 crashes on startup

I’ve installed Unity 5.5.1 on my laptop. But it immediately crashes on startup.

When I start it, I get the gray splash screen, then a white screen. Then that closes and I get the Unity Bug reporter. There are no messages that tell me what the problem is.

I am a new user - I have never used Unity before, so I’m not trying to open a old project or anything. The laptop has Windows 10 and is a 64 bit system.

Any suggestions?

I found the problem. Looking in the log file, I saw that LavasoftTcpService64.dll was causing an access violation. This was probably left over from an AdAware installation a few years ago that I had uninstalled. I navigated to C:\Windows\System32 and renamed the file. Unity starts up now without crashing.

It would be nice if the bug reporting tool made it easier to look at the log file, or at least suggested that you do so.

i found a solution to this global problem you need to delete this directory
after deleting this my problem was solved completely,as i suspect this is somehow related to GiCache.

tx a lot,me too. tx a lot.