Unity 5.5 - How to Properly Fix 2D Box Collider Trigger?

Okay, so I have read multiple answers on how to fix a 2D box collider trigger. The majority of them say to add 2D box colliders to both objects involved, give them both 2D rigidbodies, make sure they’re set to dynamic and not kinematic, set their gravity scales to 0, etc. I have tried all of these options, yet my OnTriggerEnter2D method still does not work at all. I’m thinking maybe the problem is that all previous threads regarding OnTriggerEnter2D fixes were answered for previous versions of Unity, as none of the solutions worked on my version, which is Unity 5.5. Does anybody know how to get the triggers to activate on 5.5? Thank you very much.

You’ve kind of answered your own question as to why the part of your script contained within

if (other.name == "Player") { ... }

doesn’t work, because Debug.Log(other.name) has told you that the thing you’re colliding with is not named “Player”, it’s named “NPC”.

So either you’ve named your gameobjects incorrectly or you’ve attached this script to the wrong object.

Check that the player object in the hierarchy has it’s tag set to “Player”.

I have provided a link to my project so you can see the OnTriggerEnter2D bug in action.