Unity 5.5 update all particles have to be completely redesigned

I’ve just updated from 5.3.6 to 5.5.6 and first I thought it would be just a few bugs here and there but such a basic thing as the scaling and proportions and rotations of my particles that use capsule mesh in Render Mode ‘Mesh’, magically changed. As if the orientation or proportions of the capsule primitive itself had been modified or something. These particles had all fine tuned to look optimal from all directions and now I’m struggling to find the same alignment and have to go through every single particle effect in my game because the particle system has unpredictable changes. This is just one issue. Inherit velocity now inherits from rigidbody but not always correctly (a rb standing still with no movement will also add some mysterious downward velocity to my particles that look okay before play mode). Have to set simulation space to Local to ignore rb velocity but that has other downsides.

Report a problem I encountered:

symptom: a particle system made in Unity 4, fine if upgraded to Unity 5.4, but not in Unity 5.6. the particle is shape is cone , radius is not small, in Unity 5.6, the particles appear from positive x-axis only.

solution: a new field in shape module called ‘arc’ is 1, change to 360.

suggestion to Unity: during deserialization from older version, shape module arc value should be default to 360, instead of 1.