Unity 5.6.1 Multi display - Second monitor shows as black

Hello all, I’ve got an issue which might be from me overlooking something simple and my searches bring up older versions of Unity, so any help would be really appreciated.

Trying to run a multi-display setup, two cameras targeted to two displays. Followed the manual, ran the .exe with the “-multidisplay” CMD argument and I still encounter the second screen being set to black rather than the camera’s buffer.

Am I missing something here? Did this is a blank project with the code below and attached a [95374-twocamera.zip|95374].

public class CamScript : MonoBehaviour {
    public int tgtDisp = 0;
	void Start () {

        if (Display.displays.Length > 1)

        GetComponent<Camera>().targetDisplay = tgtDisp;

Check the Main Cameras Target Display to Display 1.

Super old - but this is because the default screen in Unity is 0, not 1.

You need to set main camera to target screen 0, and the second camera to target screen 1. (0 index array basically!)