Unity 5.6.5p2 Crash when iOS10 using keyboard

In Keyboard.mm file, the fountion positionInput used [UnityGetGLView() safeAreaInsets], But it only work in ios11 above!!!
hope you fix it quickly.

Me too.
I want to write this code in Keyboard.mm.

 - (void)positionInput:(CGRect)kbRect x:(float)x y:(float)y {
        float safeAreaInsetLeft;
        float safeAreaInsetRight;
        if ( [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue] >= 11.0 ) {
            safeAreaInsetLeft = [UnityGetGLView() safeAreaInsets].left;
            safeAreaInsetRight = [UnityGetGLView() safeAreaInsets].right;
        else {
            safeAreaInsetLeft = [UnityGetGLView() layoutMargins].left;
            safeAreaInsetRight = [UnityGetGLView() layoutMargins].right;

But the code is bad.
I find Unity 2018 also has the problem.

looks like Unity 2017.4.8 and XCode 9.4 work for me, it’s not happen again.