Unity 5.6 Android Ad Issues

Since updating to 5.6, certain types of ads have been acting weird. For example, banner ads (regardless of network) are not visible. However you can click on them, but they are not visible. The same goes for Pollfish, it functions, but it’s invisible.

No logs are reported in logcat because technically it’s working, it’s just invisible.

Any ideas?

same problem here with AdMob showing the banner behind the opengl view from unity3d.

Same problem using Heyzap.

Same problem, using heyzap with admob and facebook ads. Banners are invisible, but clickable. I can see them when for a half second when push on them, then returning back.

I have submitted a case. You can find issuetracker here:

I think there is a potential fix by just updating to Version 3.2.0 of the Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin (If you are using the plugin).
Otherwise, we are investigating what is causing this internally.

Will edit/post updates on issuetracker, but keep in mind it has like a 1hour delay before it updates.

Unity Android QA

You can read more on what actually happened behind the scenes with this issue at the following article Unity and Android — Connecting the dots | by Andreas Vourkos | AndroidPub | Medium