Unity 5.6 build size increases?

Hey, the build of my previous game had something like 35mb of space. It was built in unity 5.5.3f, then I upgraded to unity 5.6 and built my game again with some changes, and the space suddenly turn to be 122mb, I have NO clue why the space is that size,I tryied to reduce stuff size.(Even used the Editor.log file, wich proven to be useless, since it says that the build size is 8mb ???), and nothing… The build size was from 122mb to 121mb. Then I explored the game_Data folder to see what was consuming that amount of space, That’s when I see a file called level1.resS eating up to 65mb… (maybe it’s the resources for the scene 2?) I deleted that file just to see what would happen. And… To my surprise, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened, the game still run beautifuly(with no shader bugs, no purple stuff, or ANYTHING), It’s pretty weird, because that file it’s present on the previous build of the game too, but only using 35kb… Now really, what this thing does, and why it’s so big?


This is because you change the unity version your all textures changes to default size so, compress all your textures and use n-pot textures.
You can Reduce Your build size in following ways:

  • Goto player setting and then other
    setting you will see a option of
    device filter change to ARMV7.


  • Use the Build report Tool to reduce

I am facing same issue. Combined game data is at max 70MB. But APK size is 180MB.

I am facing same issue

I’m facing the same issue. I found several textures included in Unity 5.6, which was not included in Unity.5.1.2. The build log says that the size of uncompressed textures in Unity 5.6.1 is 61.2 Mb more than that in Unity 5.1.2.