Unity 5.6 Substance materials broken only in Android platform.

Hi everyone,

I have encountered a problem with Susbtance materials on Unity v5.6.1. Before this version I was using Unity v5.3.0 and everything was working good. I updated Unity because I had a problem with additive scene lighting and read somewhere that the issue was solved in Unity 5.6.
You can see the pictures below:

The second picture shows the scene after update where the materials are degraded.
Also, i did rebake everything from the begining. If someone has an idea or a solution how to solve this it would be great. Forgot to tell you that this only happens in Android build target platform.


@G3R1 Yeah unfortunally it is broken since unity 5.6 and it seems that its broken also in 2017 beta… this is happening just in android in the editor, and theorically if you build it, it works correctly in an android devices.

In theory this would make it just half bad, but in practice this makes substance material not usable for a fast workflow because you cant really see how the materials are working in unity… you have to build it, or change from android to windows…

But if you have reflection probes baked, they will bake this horrible result of substance materials, and if you have clear reflections like a mirror or a floor with lots of reflection they will show this horrible result even in a build on android.

So this makes substance not usable for android since 5.6 :frowning:

these are some links i found about the isssue…