Unity 5.6 Video Clip stream on Android

I need to stream video on Android with Unity 5.6. Video is hosted on Azure.

H264 works perfect on iOS but jitters a lot on Android.
H264 hosted on device works perfect on both Android and iOS.
Webm works perfect on iOS but only works on Development builds on Android.

Error: W/Unity(10989): AndroidVideoMedia: No tracks in https://.mp4
Error: E/Unity(20860): OnVideoErrorReceived Can’t play movie [https://

Codec errors attached here - [92443-videocodecerror.txt|92443]

Any ideas?

@Demanuele did you find an answer to this? We get the same error but only on a long clip, and not if we shorten the same clip in length. investigating the Prepare function

Hi ! I have the same error bu my video is on my device (Oculus Quest 2) and not online. I use Unity 2019.3.15. Did you find a solution, @Demanuele ?