Unity 5 and Hard Surface Pro

So I’m extremely disheartened to see that after about 4 hours of working and Googling, I’m still unable to figure out how to create the glass effect that I had with Hard Surface Pro in Unity 4.5. I tried importing my project over and just about every single material in the game (anything using Hard Surface Pro) is broken - pink, simply not working.

Does anyone know of a way to create the glassy look that was achieved with Hard Surface Pro or if it’s possible to fix this issue? I really hope that $50 didn’t just become a complete and total waste.

I was able to fix the transparency problem on my Mac by adding the alpha option to the #pragma surface lines in the shaders. So…

#pragma surface surf BlinnPhongHardsurfaceBack


#pragma surface surf BlinnPhongHardsurfaceBack alpha

I also changed…

c.rgb = (s.Albedo * _LightColor0.rgb * diff + _LightColor0.rgb * _SpecColor.rgb * spec) * (atten * 2);


c.rgb = (s.Albedo * _LightColor0.rgb * diff + _LightColor0.rgb * _SpecColor.rgb * spec) * (atten);

in HardSurfaceLighting.cginc as per Unity - Manual: Shaders in Unity 5.0.

Unfortunately on my Windows machines all the refractions appear as reflections and I am guessing a normal vector is being miscalculated. I don’t really understand cg shader code and the author of the shaders http://forum.unity3d.com/members/brn.34741/ has not been on since July 3, 2015. Hopefully he upgrades the code for Unity 5.3.