Unity 5 and Multiple AudioListeners

Hi All!
I have a project in which there are a vehicle with an AudioListener attached to the child camera and an AudioListener attached to an empty object that has the role of playing the countdown before the vehicle can start running.
So, if I use only the camera listener i ear the engine sound and other one shot sounds like the boost or the end lap clip, but the countdown doesn’t play…
If i delete the listener on the camera, i ear only the countdown.
How can I fix the problem?
(The vehicle is a prefab instantiated at teh awake of the track scene).

PS. This project was started with unity 4 and all worked fine…

PPS. The oneshot sounds are fired by c# script and the AudioSources are blank.

You can only have one Audio Listener. It’s really that simple, develop around the idea of only having one Audio Listener.

I’ve found the problem: in Unity 5 the settings of the audio clips are only in the AudioSource tab. I had to set the priority to high and the sound source to 2D.
All is ok now.