unity 5 Application.loadlevel reset current level

Im using Application.loadlevel on the first menu and its working good.
So i have an objet that collide with another objet to finish the level.
the first object is rigidbody 2D and circle collider 2D
the exit object is circle collider 2D and is trigger checked.
so here is my code

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D other)
		if (other.tag == "Player") {
			Debug.Log("Enter Exit");

the log is working so the action is fired but the level reset.
and i added my second level on the debug setting.
i don’t know what is wrong ? need some help please ! thx :slight_smile:

Just use Application.loadedLevel. That will be much easier. (Code below)



Application.LoadLevel("Name of the next level");

Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel + 1);